LiDAR Scanner Project – Arduino Project NodeMCU

If you are interested on learning about LiDAR and how to use it with Arduino, you have come to the right place! In this post I will be going over a project I recently completed using LiDAR with Arduino. I used the Benewake TF-Luna as the basis for the application.

Project Description

This project is a fully rotating LiDAR scanner capable of mapping what surrounds it. I completed it mostly with 3D printed parts, and printed circuit board (PCB) that I designed, Arduino programming on a NodeMCU, and some other components (stepper motor, electrical slip ring, LiDAR sensor, etc). See the video above to get all the details on the project. Below are some files you might want to reference.

STL files for 3D Printing

Main Driving Gear

Main driving gear

Sensor Gear

LiDAR Sensor Gear

Gear Support

Bottom Case Plate

LiDAR Scanner bottom lid

Main Case

Top Dome

LiDAR sensor top dome

Arduino Code

Processing IDE Code

Components used in this example

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LiDAR Sensor – Benewake TF-Luna

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  1. That’s awesome. Thank you so much. I’ve never heard of processing ide before. I won’t steal your code. It’s great but I won’t learn if I copy and paste haha

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